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Ridhima is a master’s level clinician from India with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Rochester and a Certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Chapel Hill. In addition to that, she is also a licensed mental health counselor and nationally certified as a counselor by the NBCC.

She has experience providing long-term evidenced-based psychotherapy through various therapy modalities like CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, ACT and EFT. She is passionate about giving her clients a voice and supporting them in becoming the best version of themselves. Working closely with the client in the treatment process and providing that patient with the necessary skills to achieve lifelong change is something that is important to her. She is always looking for new interventions that are individualized, and assisting the clients in using the insights and knowledge gained in psychotherapy, to develop effective, healthy coping skills, interpersonal skills, distress tolerance skills, communication skills and proficiency in personal stress management and
symptom management.

Hailing from a culture that frowns upon the idea of Mental Health, “I knew it in my heart that I wanted to break this stigma.” She decided to follow her heart and began her journey to normalise Mental Health. On recognising the lack of awareness and resources, She took it upon herself to be the change that she wished to see in the world. Over the years, she had the privilege to work with a large number of patients but there are still many minority populations that are made to feel embarrassed because they struggle to find Mental Stability, which stops them from seeking help. This motivates her to continue to educate and provide support through a non-judgemental lens. Make Mental Health Support more accessible and a part of normal day-to-day conversations.

If Health is Wealth, then Mental Health is Prosperity.

I promise you, you are not alone. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy in the truest sense. I find my escape in cooking multi-cuisine dishes and being a full-time pup parent to my lucky little ball of love, Jade.