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Primary Care, Preventative Care, Dermatology, Nutrition, and Psychotherapy

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Welcome to Bethany Medical Clinic

We bring a personal touch to primary care. Our primary care physicians, Shirin Peters MD, Asra Hussain MD, Neelima Tangirala, MD, Zobidatte Moussa MD, and Lada Galilova DO, use their expertise to assist New York City and the surrounding area with a comprehensive level of care. We also have a Dermatologist, Salma Pothiawala MD, and a licensed acupuncturist, Jessica Kwong, on staff. The clinic also has four Physician Assistants, Alyssa Gopman, Elizabeth Horvath, Regina Sorrentino, and Suzanne Oddo, as well as two Nurse Practitioners, Jacqueline Sperber and Jill Sadowski. We also have two registered dietitians at our clinic, Katrina Trisko and Michelle Grader, as well as two psychotherapists, Eileen Mercado and Ridhima Ohri.

Bethany Medical Clinic

Bethany Medical Clinic

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Care As Real As Our Patients

Efficient appointments that value and respect your time.

Annual preventative care visits that keep you a step ahead.

Thorough and complete testing and treatment for medical complaints.

Our Primary Care at a Glance
  • Our Primary Care at a Glance

    At Bethany Medical Clinic of New York, we value our patients’ time and busy schedules. That is why we offer early morning and after work hour appointments at our locations. Our goal is to keep your waiting time to a minimum and maximize our high level of expertise in an efficient manner during your appointment. You can expect a personalized, non-corporate approach and compassionate care. We embrace the contemporary philosophy that primary care should be predictive, rather than reactive. We not only listen to our patients, but we help them shape their own healthcare journey.

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Our Office
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    Exam room featuring exam table, window and a desk with a stethoscope on it.

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