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Inspired by his grandfather who was diagnosed with Diabetes, Dr Berbano pursued a career in medicine and specialized in Endocrinology. From a young age, he wanted to be someone who could help people live longer and better lives. He now draws from 30 years of clinical experience and clinical leadership to give expert care to our patients.

Dr. Berbano feels fortunate to have completed his clinical training in New York City. His medical residency was at Lenox Hill Hospital and his Endocrinology Fellowship was at  St. Vincent’s Hospital where he was first exposed to transgender management. His training helped shape him into the well rounded physician he is today. Since leaving training over 25 years ago he has worked in the Lehigh Health System in Pennsylvania and has developed a great interest in and passion for: Obesity Medicine: care for Reproductive Hormone Imbalances including Low testosterone, PCOS and Menopause; and in Transgender Medicine (including gender-affirming hormone therapy.) Through review of medical literature and extensive clinical experience, he has built an arsenal of prescription and non-prescription tools to help his patients treat hormone disorders and also optimize hormone balance so they can live the life they want.