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Travel Medicine

Are you taking an international trip?

We offer a full travel consultation and can give you the vaccinations and medications that you need for safe travel.

Travel Medicine begins with a pre-travel consultation, which tailors destination-specific advice to the individual traveler. Depending on the specific travel itinerary, health and immunization history, current medications, type of travel (business, leisure, adventure, off the beaten track, organized tour, etc.) a plan is created to keep you safe and healthy. This often includes information on food and water precautions, prevention and self treatment of travelers’ diarrhea, vaccine preventable disease and strategies for prevention of local diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. At Bethany Medical Clinic of New York we provide the full array of routine, recommended and required vaccines for travel.

We provide services to both individuals and groups who participate in adventure travel, corporate travel and mission organizations. During your office visit, we will:

  • Use the most current travel disease database
  • Advise  you on required and/or recommended immunizations
  • Administer vaccinations during initial visit
  • Provide necessary prescriptions
  • Provide International Certificate of Vaccination


Travel Vaccines offered at Bethany Medical Clinic of NY:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus / Diphtheria / Pertussis
  • Typhoid oral (Vivotif)
  • Yellow Fever