Like nutrition, and mental health, physical health is a very important factor in overall health. After years of fielding questions from our patients about physical health, we decided to incorporate the expertise of a personal trainer into our practice. Using her background as a Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Grader will lead the mission to educate and guide our Bethany patients on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning and the profound impact that exercise can have on health.

Also in this important area, Dr Ariel Teitel, renowned rheumatologist with over 30 years of experience managing autoimmune and joint diseases gives expert care to our Bethany patients with sports injuries, chronic joint pain, or autoimmune conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are first starting to exercise, start slow and focus on going the amount of time/days a week that you can realistically come up with. For health benefits it is recommended for optimal benefits to get at least 150 to 300 minutes spread throughout the week. This can be spread out in anyway that best fits your lifestyle, weather its short bursts of walking through the day or going to the gym for 60 minutes 5 days a week. 

This can depend on your specific goals, but ultimately the best type of workout is one that you actually enjoy! For the most benefits, it’s a good idea to get a variety in your workouts rather than sticking to only one kind of exercise such as cardio or weights only.

Nope! Whatever time of day works for you is a good time to exercise! 

Abs are made in the kitchen through consistent healthy eating! To build your abdominal muscles it’s a good idea to focus on core strength, using weights with compound movements and switching up your cardio.  

Again, for health benefits it is recommended for optimal benefits to get at least 150 to 300 minutes spread throughout the week, so however you split that up is great. What’s most important here is being realistic and smart with your time. You can do a 15 minute workout in your apartment before going to work, get off the subway one stop earlier to walk an extra 10 minutes and then walk 15 minutes during your lunch break for 45 minutes of physical activity in your day! It doesn’t always have to be a long time at the gym!